Saturday, April 24, 2004

Peking University International Festival

The first Peking University International Festival.

International students

Me and Gabi
Me and Gabi at the Swedish booth

Swedish crue


Me and Korean girl

Japanese booth
The Japanese booth

Samuel the man.


Me and football playing North Korean student
This guy came and played football with us a couple of times. He was really, really good.

North Korean booth

African booth

The 'Three Corner Place' where people used to put up political posters until 1989.

Friday, April 09, 2004

Beida pictures

The Chinese (Hanyu) class.

Me and ZhangFan infront of the West gate.

Me and WuZheJian in the NongYuan canteen. He's a really good friend that is studying law. He was doing nothing else for two years (!!) but preparing for the entrance exams to get into the law graduate program at Peking University. We lived in the same room for several months.

Me at Weiminghu picture spot
Me at Weiminghu picture spot

WuZheJian just met his Korean girl
WuZheJian just met his Korean girl

Our first apartment. The street was complete remade during the time we lived here. From nothing to several caf├ęs, tea-houses, restaurants, shops, an art-exhibition, etc.
Some weird shit on the wall outside. They were hanging there long before there was ANYTHING else on the street. Back then it was really bizarre.