Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Snowman Blues

The whole winter has been very warm and cosy. Then Wen went back to Beijing after New Year. Now it is suddenly like this. Baby... please come back!

Really. It has been a record warm winter and a couple of days ago it became normal. Unfortunately I happen to live in Sweden, so 'normal' in this context equals FREEZING FUCKING COLD!!

Now when that has been said. I do enjoy it! Far better then the dark and grey. Wish the climate change would somehow make the days a little longer and brighter. Then I would consider buying a car. Nah. I still don't want one.


Peter said...

Almost same here weather situation here in Denmark. It sure did suck until we finally had some snow a few days ago. Gone is the gloomy grey and rainy days, but at least I am not a sweet girl short.

Chin up Johan :-)

wen said...

Baby, I'm coming back really soon:)
The day when I was changing my flight in Helsinki, I looked down from the plane, it was amazingly beautiful with the freshly blessed snow covering the colourful house roofs and forests and frozen lakes in Finland.
Beijing welcomed me with freezing ass coldness that came late to Sweden, but only sheer dry hard cold, no snow unfortunately, and everything is as grey as usual of course, but I love real winter still.
Hope it will persist a bit more when I come back to Sweden.
I miss you much, my love...

Allan said...