Monday, January 16, 2006

The New Grand Plan

This is the grand new plan:
Since my last two exams are coming up in March I will take the opportunity to follow the regular lectures in those two subjects and then finish them off. Will be quite a relief to be able to graduate after finishing the thesis.

I've had my first chat with my new supervisor John Holmberg at the department of Physical Resource Theory. I will do an investigation of the building sector in China, with a focus on energy efficiency in buildings. There is a lot of stuff happening in this sector at the moment here in Sweden and in Europe, so I'm quite pleased with the subject. We still haven't gotten it confirmed from the professor at Tsinghua, but I will start my preparations here in Sweden first. The plan is to head to Beijing after the exams.

After graduating I will automatically become a famous actor/TV-presenter/media-celebrity and get invited to all hip parties and pose in glossy magazines. That was of course the goal all along.


Jetsetjunkie said...

Good luck man!

Johan said...

Good luck to you too! ;)
Hope you will be happy in HK.

Edward said...

I think your forehead is the only thing that will come even close to glossy after you graduate. :-)

Johan said...

Ok. I have no idea what the hell you are talking about so I just plain ignore it. :)

Anyway, where the are you? Riding camels in Egypt now? Still in Italy?