Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Wemmel-Ljung family

One of the reasons of going to Göteborg was to finally get to meet up with my god daughter Saga, her sister Mira, and my good friends Stefan and Toba.

Me and my buddy.

I was drawing some portraits together with Saga. Guess who it is in the drawing. Well, I guess she was able to figure it out herself.

A little after-dinner, before-glögg walk in the cold and clear weather. Saga almost immediately fell asleep despite the cold.

(glögg is a warm sweet drink, similar to glühwine)


Metria said...

Awwww she's so cute!!

john said...

Johan, as usual your photos are wonderful, glad you are well and happy. I want to come and visit at christmas!

Johan said...

To Metria:
Yes she is! A real little personality!

Johan said...

To John:

You would be welcome anytime, not only for Christmas!


Wen said...

To Metria & My boyfriend,

Are you guys talking about me or Saga? ;) In either case, I agree with you:P