Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Did I Ever Leave??

A raging battle against MatLab...

One of the computer labs at the Physics Department. 10.36pm. The night is still young.


wen in sardegna, italy said...

got a new hair cut baby? i haven't got one ever since i came to europe, not really trust their skill and unwilling to pay the price, and most of all miss the nice massage service packaged with the hair treatment in beijing. my hair is a mess now, hope you can still recognise me when you see me next time.

by the way, this is where i'm staying at the moment. Antica Dimora Del Gruccione (www.anticadimora.com). Wish I had learned some basic Italiano before coming here.

Anonymous said...

The guy behind you certainly looks like he hasn't ever left.

Absolutely gleeful, isn't he? Like a panther in its turf, such is a nerd in his lab :)

dimsum dolly