Thursday, May 04, 2006

My mountainous girlfriend

I've been home for almost a week already, and I'm to say the least eager to get going again. A couple of things still keep me here, perhaps the most important is that I don't know where to go.

Maybe some of your are saying something like "Wait, haven't you been saying that you will go back to Beijing like forever and your blog has a really weird name for someone who is hanging around anywhere BUT Beijing". I will try to make it as clear as I can. I was thinking that maybe I will let the mountain come to Muhammad this time, particularly since the mountain is pretty close. "What the hell are you talking about and you are way too close to Denmark to be allowed to even say that M word" you might say then. Well, if I say that I'm Muhammad and Wen is the mountain, maybe both Wen and all Muslims will kill me, or maybe you will understand that Wen (representing Beijing) might come over to Sweden. To study Swedish. So... I was thinking it would be nice if Muhammad and the mountain could stick together.

Since the spring semester rapidly is coming to an end, maybe there is just not much point going right now. But.. what am I supposed to do then?? I'm not going hang around here. I will decide the coming few days. Hey Edward!! Where are you when I need to get really drunk and make decisions?? By the way, do you have an Arabic name? If not, why not?


Peter said...

Good luck Johan.

I hope the law is a bit more easy on foreigners coming to Sweden than the law here in Denmark. Not that I regret it at all, but in our case we were forced to marry. I suspect that you have other plans though, since studying in Sweden (and Denmark) can prolong visa time. Well, just a bit of worry from your brother country in the north! Good luck to both of you guys.

Uma said...

hey, if you would be in Sweden this summer, i could probably go visit you and Wen, och det ska bli roligt:D

Edward said...

Hey there!

I'll be back May 18th in Sweden so don't worry, if you can hold out until then I will bring you a sheesha and a shitload of beer with cool Arabic script on it and maybe some illegal disgusting whiskey too (their finest John Daniels haha). As for my name Eed-ward would mean something like Flowerhand in Arabic (eed = hand, ward = flower), but don't tell anyone or I fear my macho image will go to waste. :-P

Cheer up, old chap.

PS. If Wen has a visa for Belgium, shouldn't she be able to go to Sweden too without problems then? Or what was the use of the EU?

Johan said...

Yeah, fortunately I don't think there should be a problem to get her here this time since she is already in Belgium.

I read up on your blog. Wish both of you all the best!!

Sure! You're welcome!

17th!!Too late!! I have to decide now!!

Allan said...

Come over here, meet up with more people and your supervisor, that might be better!:)

Cheer up, buddie!

Jetsetjunkie said...

Good to see men capable of commitment (double t or 1 t? I don't care to know anyway)

They must be extinct my side of the world.

Good luck man!


Johan said...
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Johan said...

Maybe I'll see you sooner than you think... Cheers buddy!