Tuesday, October 24, 2006

All Work and no Play

Since it is quite a long time until 1st of December, I started to make plans of going to HK and travel up to Shanghai. I really wanted to see some friends there. I even booked a ticket to go tomorrow! Then during the night I made a little budget for the coming months and realized that this would be way to much of a stretch! Just considering that I will have to pay rent for three months before I will receive any money! Then we have Christmas, and basically, I will have to buy a whole new wardrobe for the new job and for winter. :-(

So all work and no play for the dull little me.


Anonymous said...

Disappointing - was a huge surprise to hear it just now! But do make plans again for next year with Zhang Wen. Both of you are more than welcome to stay!

Congratulations on the job again!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, it's cool no, that i found your blog just like that.
Have a great trip! Say hi to China for me :)
You asked about my thesis; i won't bore you with that, it's Finance and the market effect of repurchasing shares...
Wish you good luck with the job! Consultants usually make long hours...
By the way, my e-mail is sombrero@dds.nl (which is also my MSN-messenger address). So hook me up if you've got msn.
Take Care now and 一路平安
Robert from Amsterdam

Anonymous said...

What about coming to play in Cairo? Haven't heard from you since you got the idea but air fares are cheap and cost of living too. Especially since you will be living off of me as usual, you old Dracula blood-sucker! :-P

See you,