Thursday, October 26, 2006

Applications on track

Wen yesterday handed in her application for "Swedish residence permits on the grounds of family ties" to the Swedish embassy in Brussels and got told she will have to wait until December for the interview. Instead of waiting around in Belgium she will fly here tonight! (I will write more about that application later)

Today she also got her letter of admission to Stockholm university!

Dear Wen Zhang,
I have the pleasure of informing you that you have been accepted to the International Graduate Programme in Social Science at Stockholm University. You have been accepted to the courses Global Environment – Sustainability, Governance and Politics and Cosmopolitan Democracy, spring semester 2007. I will send you a formal letter of acceptance by postal mail.

Things are on track!


Peter said...

Great stuff. Good luck on Wen's application. I know that it can be tough to get through the paperwork, but you should console yourself in the fact that it is worse in Denmark. May Danes actually move to Sweden to get easier access to EU.

Anonymous said...

You never update your blog nowadays. I suspect you are becoming you of those boring people with a job, a wife and a stable life. Am I right? :-P


Johan said...

You are of course right as always my dear friend. But a bigger factor is that I have to go to a library to surf since I'm still waiting for the connection in the apartment...

Cheers buddy! More posts coming up soon.

Allan said...

Hope you guys could have a great great time together in Stockholm:)