Friday, June 01, 2007

Blank blank blank

Post that includes all the stuff that I have been doing this year, but have been too bored to post.

It was a dark winter and we know very few people in Stockholm. On top of that I had to learn a new job and adapt to a life defined by my work, i.e go to boring meetings, keep office times, do boring stuff. In return my bank account is not red anymore.

Work, work, work.

Football with Chinese students (as usual and everywhere)

Party, company party, other party.

Spring and summer has been such a great change. We have now gotten to know people, I do plenty of sports with friends at work and now I'm on my first paid vacation. I will return from China with more money than when I left. :-)

My sister Ella graduated from high school.

Edward skrället came to visit with Valentina.

Stefan is moving to Stockholm.

There is a lot to fill into this blank, but I doubt that will happen. It is just not very fun to blog when staying at home working.

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