Monday, April 23, 2007

Next Beiwai

Heading for Beijing during my summer vacation. Haven't I seen enough of that city already? Well, I guess we could go some place else, but I think it is good Wen get to see her mum as often as possible.

This year I've been enrolled in a half-time distance course at Lund University and as a part of that they have summer courses at Beiwai University in Beijing. So this summer I hope to collect another 5 credits Chinese, inhale a lot of dust and eat a whole bunch of yangrouchuan.

We'll head off 15th June and come back 21st of July.


Peter said...

Good trip Johan!

Maybe I'll spot you there when I drool over Beijing on our vacation.

I'm the fat laowai standing in front of the picture of Mao :-)

Allan said...

haha, yang rou chuan, I miss that too!
seriously, i might have the chance to visit you if you are in beijing in this summer vocation:)

Johan said...

Hi Peter!

I should definitely get a beer together when you get there!!

Let's keep in touch!

Johan said...

Allan, if you don't visit me then I will surely try to visit you!

Are you heading for Nanjing? Shanghai? Do you know?

Dapeng said...

Havent talked to u for long!hey bro,how r u going on recently.I'll spend my short vocation in Shanghai soon.r u planning to come back to Beijing?u can call and visit me,havent seen u for quiet a long handphone number is 13596155052,call me when u r in Beijing:)

peter said...

Would be cool. I Wish I have the time, but as things is I may only be there for 2 days, and be buffed up with sightseing and tagged-along shopping with the misses ;-)

Jetsetjunkie said...

Come down to HK if you've time! Your girlfriend can of course come as well as chaperone, haha! Kidding.

Have a good vacation and all that.