Thursday, August 11, 2005

Meatball Hotpot

Me, Tina, and Liu RongZhi

Johanna's friend LiuRongZhi came to visit us and brought with her some stuff to cook hotpot. Liu RongZhi is studying her second year at Växjö University. Johanna was her mentor when she arrived. She was really sweet and brought us all small gifts from China. She came back from her hometown in Hunan just two days ago.

Hotpot is great since it is easy, tasty, and you can basically put in anything in it. In this case it was Chinese-Swedish fusion food, "meatball-hotpot". Sad we didn't have any majiang sauce.


spinning bird kick said...

mmm hotpot.... was it the spicy soup based?

Anonymous said...

Six days left and you're just slacking away... Sigh, apparently nothing has changed since your university days. Will the results be like back then too? Let's hope not! :-P

The REAL Troll

Wen said...

makes me miss chinese food even I can only make spaghetti and sandwich here myself, need to take some crash cooking course...learned how to make omlette today from the Norwegian guy...quite yummy! will try it out myself later on...tomorrow I will probably learn to cook Japanese cos we plan to cook together for dinner and do a bit of recepie exchange...guess I can soon become a good cook after a while in Belgium:) Get ready for Wen's cuisine, baby! I will have something to show off in your kitchen and make your little round stomach happy soon!

Tot straks en kus jou!