Sunday, August 07, 2005

What do I do?

With my exams just some weeks away and I'm well behind my study plan... what do I do?

I go fishing.


Peter said...

Looks pretty cool! Yo look like you have a great time. Remember to post your catch on the blog (include pohotos too, please) ;-)

Reminds me to go fishing again some time. Thats the life. Nature, calm mind and fresh air. These days I have to do with Citylife, stressful days and car fumes :-)

Uma said...


I like fishing better than study too;)but it wont be good to fail in the test right?

So~~~ Nu Li Xue Xi la! JIA YOU:)

Anonymous said...

Eh soldier! Stop slacking!

Good luck and all that for the exams -- you need lots of it as we can see.

Yes, send me one of those b***h emails, I luv em.


Johan said...

My catch was just this teeny-weeny little perch. As you all know, everything about me is big, great, and masculine. It would be bad for my image to post a picture with it.

Anonymous said...

Hey your stalker made this observation that made me LMAO:

I am just tired of the dull person who takes pictures of himself in a lonely fishing trip.

Yeah man Jiabao, let's see more pictures of the fish and less of ur feet already.