Friday, August 05, 2005


I was checking out a couple of blogs when something caught my attention... someone had misspelled the word God as "Ghod"... I felt a cold shiver... like a cold hand had taken a hold of my heart... I kept on reading... and then I saw it... "white Christian haters"... it was him... and he was with someone else...

I thought I was special... that he was only coming to my blog... but it turns out he was all over... sucha bastard.. men are such pigs... how could he... I'm heartbroken...

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An Open Letter to "Really", the Troll on my Blog

For the past month you have commented on posts on my blog. Often your rebuttals have centered around the theme of “white Christian haters” (meaning Christians who hate others, not people who hate Christians). They have only occasionally been relevant to the posts at hand. They have become increasingly tiresome and offensive.


But with your most recent comment, asking how much a blow job from my (ethnically Chinese) wife would cost, you cross the line. Probably not with her; she is more likely to be amused than offended. And I have no doubt she would eat you alive were your paths ever to cross. But you definitely went over the line with me, and with several of my readers, who have e-mailed me to complain.

Don't know what I'm talking about? Check out the comments. Or don't.
Parents article about China trip
The ultimate ignorant


Peter said...

Guess he is just one of those people with too much time on his hand.

Johan: Do not feel heartbroken. You should feel happy to hear that others also get the benefit of his unique wisdom. ;-)

Anonymous said...

You know it's been me the whole time, right? :-P

- Eddie the Troll

For the boring average white Joe said...

The only reason I used his wife in a criticism is because he come to China to buy Chinese virgin girls. I am trying to suggest how offensive his post is to the Chinese by creating an mirror image for him. Johan, you know there is no God. I know you were fed with God in your Swedish elementary schools. That is why you are so passionately come to China demanding Christian churches. I am quite bored by you and your nation. I will try my best to ignore you in the future.

Johan said...

to Eddie the troull:

I do not understand why the Dalslänningar must impose their violent aggressions on us peaceful Smålänningar. It is laughable to watch all these brain-dead Bäckefors bor worshiping their childhood indoctrination all their lives.

Your comment demonstrates the ancient feelings of hill-billies in the woods. Hundreds of years after the raggarbil was invented, the Dalslands raggare have reached Bengtsfors and even Karlstad, little has changed among those ignorant, stubborn, some times hateful, reach-outs. In Småland we already had the Gnosjöanda 5 thousand years before earth. Unlike the aggressive and idiotic Dalslänningarna we are humble and friendly.

Your flooding two year ago was just a pitiful laugh compared to our killer flood in Värnamo last summer.

Attention All Smålänningar!: ATTENTION: please come see this showcase of Dalsland ignorance!!!! He things dalslands viaduct is a real tourist attraction. How stupid he is.

And where are those other new novels? You have been lying all the time. How sad! I think malicious haters like you need a beer.

(For you ignorant idiot haters out there: Småland is the region where I live in, and Dalsland is where Eddie comes from.)

Anonymous said...

FYI, I have moved some comments made here to "The ultimate ignorant gnidig Smålänning" post.

The beer thing sounds good though. Maybe we can do it in conjunction with our conference in Beijing next year on "The Spreading of White Swedish Christianity to the Whole World and China in Particular"? Let me know.

The Troll.

Jeroen said...

Man! I love this Troll! He’s so well opinionated and knows exactly what is wrong with the Western world! Finally a Chinese (is he/she Chinese?) with an opinion. I wish (if I was a Christian I would pray to Ghod...) he visits my blog ( and comments on my posts. I’m your typical white overpaid expat in China who doesn’t particularly like China and its many inhabitants. I also don’t speak Chinese so that makes me quite ignorant as well. I’m the right victim for this guy. I hope he will visit my blog and shows me the light... I could use some guidance in this mad world.

Mr. Really, you're cordially invited to rip me apart...

really said...

Jeroen, it sounds like you are an excellent cyber-stalker. Please take some pictures of imagethief gobbling triple cheese burger and publish it on your website. I did read your blog. Tragically, they are not offensive. Could it because you are somewhat *****, thus milder? I talk to those who come to China with pressing religious and political propagandas and criticize the Chinese way of life, like imagethief, pekingduck, Gordon and Shenzhen Ren.

I have this observation: although Johan is mad at me religiously, he still let me post on his blog. I am just tired of the dull person who takes pictures of himself in a lonely fishing trip. The Americans get furious and ban my heretic remarks. I think this witnessed that the speech freedom in Europe is substantially better than the US (indeed, at least before London Bombing). If you live in the US and only listen to local churches (the way of life for most Americans), you would think the Bush administration is winning the Iraqi war.

Since you have invited me to your site, I have left a response to imagethief on your blog.

really! said...

Jeroen, there is no way to comment to a specific post in your blog. Here is the post for your invitation.

Today, the tirades of negative lampoons from the westerners are verifiable phenomena. We need to look one step deeper into the social and historic contacts. Until recently, the reports in the west on Africans, Native Americans, Native Australians, and South Americans were uniformly desperately negative. This can be easily verified by just pull out any newspaper in the US and UK during the segregation era. Please do go to a library and read them.

It is a form of deeply rooted racism. The sentiment originated from the doctrines of Christianity which claims superiority over all others. A recent example would be the big charity concert for Africa. If there really is an African nation that grows powerful, the Christian west will ironically be the first to feel threatened. The spears were diverted to Communism during the cold war era. In the US, fierce clashes between whites and non-whites erupt frequently. Observing the repeated exchanges, the current rule of reporting is political correctness – a concept deeply hated by the white majority.

However unpopular, political correctness is one step above negative and racist reports on US minorities. Sadly, things have not changed for the Chinese. When these westerners, like imagethief, pekingduck, Gordon and Shenzhen Ren reached China, they are merely repeating a historical pattern of uncivilized behavior. It is ugly showcases of hatred, racism and hostility of the Christian west against a foreign culture.

I still have a question waiting to be answered: Is there a majority Christian White nation that is perceived by the US and EU as a potential threat?

really said...

Wen: I don’t know how extensively your experience is with the west. I find you are overestimating the west, so are most Chinese at this time. Yes, there are tons of darkness and ugliness within the Chinese society. However, it is the same, if not worse, in the western societies. So many western slackers are over paid by Chinese companies. They are not experts. They belong to the underground of places like NYC or LA. After China feeds them well, they will continue their nasty attitude – like imagethief and pekingduck. Pekingduck does not even have a link to your blog from his page. I think the Chinese are over-respecting these westerners who do not deserve it. It is a recurrence of the Southern Song Dynasty when we give gold and women to the foreigners for peace. The foreigners just ask more and more. They demand all Chinese to bow to a western Pope today. They will demand to scrap women’s rights to abortion tomorrow. Before long, their Christian demons will be unleashed and rack havoc in China.

more for the Danish blogger said...

Tony Blair claims anyone disagree with the “British way of life” and incite violence will be deported. It is devastating to witness the imprisonments and deportations of Moslems for their speech and beliefs. They are preaching a legitimate dissent. The British crackdown on dissents reminds me of the persecution of Jews before World War II.

So what is the British way of life? Is the British way of life peaceful? Let’s look at the history from the dawn of the British tribes, to the colonization era, and to the current war in Iraq. Clearly, the British way of life is anything but peaceful.

Is the British way of life Christianity? Well, Tony Blair and all the westerners in China sternly deny that.

Is “inciting hatred and violence” not tolerated in the UK? Unfortunately, we witnessed the generous tolerance towards new Nazis as well as IRA in the British society. From ordinary people to Tony Blair, the British claims that new Nazi racism is “Speech freedom”. A freedom jealously envied by the persecuted Moslems who are viewed with hatred and suspicion in the eyes of the Christian (mostly white) Britons.

Why the west is so wrong? Anyone can answer me?

Peter said...

Hey "more for the Danish blogger said"... You're funny!!!

Oooh, btw: I've put administrator moderation on comments in my blog, but you are welcome to give it a go anyway.... ;-)