Saturday, July 09, 2005

The ultimate ignorant

Comment on the Parents article about China trip post.

I do not understand why the west must impose their violent religion (i.e the stupid imagined jesus and his mother) on to the Chinese?

It is laughable to watch all these brain-dead Christians worshiping their childhood indoctrination all their lives.

At least China does not have the Christain biogots and racists.

Darwin bless you,

After that it only gets better. Some highlights.

[] Your website demonstrates the ancient feelings of Christians in the west. []
(I'm not a Christian)

[] BTW, the proud Sweden White Christian: do you speak any Chinese at all? It is shocking for some total ignorant like you to say the Chinese are ignorant. You don’t even speak their language. You are the ultimate ignorant! []
(I do speak Chinese)

[] you will be forced to say "one nation under God" everyday in public schools in the west? In private religious schoold, you will be punished for not believing in God. []
(Not around here you don't)

It goes on. Check the comment on the post for the latest accusations and insults. I should probably ignore it, but I don't have much to write about at the moment. This discussion reminds me of other "discussions" I had in China before I learned to avoid them. Never discuss anything "sensitive" with people you don't know, or the discussion would go down the toilet in a kind of 'wicked foreigner' vs. China kind-of-way. Not a discussion where anyone listens.

Anyone is free to read this blog, comment and critizise my writing. I would appreciate if comments made where somewhat constructive and informative. Or atleast not so damn liberated from humor.

I might be ignorant, but I'm clearly not the only one.


Wen said...

It is usually the most ignorant that assume themselves knowing-it-all, and bitches around saying others are ignorant. They don't even have the slightest knowledge of a normal and decent discussion, but just use some rude words trying to piss others off in order to build up a little bit confidence for their loser way of life. It only gets us to laugh at this kind of people, but anyway, there're strange and rediculous people everywhere. They have so much hateful feeling in their heart. I believe there's reason for it. All I can say is maybe they are really unhappy with their life and they don't have friends to love them. By and by they lost their love, confidence and sensibility and become what they are. I pity these people but I can't do much to help them, but to ignore them...Nobody knows everything, for me, modest and mild people are very lovely and noble; those who think all but himself are stupid and ignorant are very...disgusting!!!

tian said...

I have always consider myself as "the Switzerland of religion". I don't mind what people believe in or not, I am completely neutral.

After reading the two entries you posted, I am so glad that I am neutral.

Anonymous said...

I do think that some Chinese people forget that every human being should have the freedom and right to decide what kind of life they want for themselves. Everything happens for a reason. As decent human beings, we should be able to be tolerant and open-minded.


Johan said...

I have no idea what that guy wanted. Obviously frustrated about something. No point in replying to someone who doesn't listen. And that punk called Wen a toad. When she is a little doggy. Ha ha

Anyway, I personally have a pretty negative opinion about missionary work.

I live in the Bible belt of Sweden, with churches around every corner. Even here most people don't belong to a church. (Except belonging to the former state church which is only a formality). In fact, most churches around here are loosing members. Many people say they believe in a God, but not in the church nor the Bible. So, plenty of opportunity to do missionary work right here. Why the hell go to some other culture, other country and preach if it doesn't even work here?

It seems like most churches are only growing in developing or undeveloped countries. Strange, isn't it? Or is it?

Could it be that Christianity also brings with it a hope of a better life? That maybe Jesus will bring with him all the other things, such as a healthy long life, a good job, freedom from oppression, perhaps a car and a house. Things they see that people in the West have. Surely the white people's God must be very powerful, providing so many good things. I think going to a poor country and help people might be a good thing, but mixing that up with selling a religion is something I find rather tasteless.

Still, I think they can do that if they want and people should be able to listen if they want.

I personally know a couple of missionaries, and I think my parents planned to become missionaries when we were children. Then we became too many and it just didn't happen (I have 5 sisters).

One of my sister once went to Sudan on a missionary project. 'To meet God' as she put it. Scary I think. Some of my sisters are in the church, some not. I'm obviously not.

aryawan said...

I am christian, so what, you don't like it? Help yourself!

Johan said...


I don't have any opinion about you being a Christian or not. If you like it, go ahead.

Help myself with what?

Anonymous said...

Johan, I completely agree with your last post. To be honest, I am frustrated with Christian reach-outs to China, political reach-outs to China and the thick racism in the US.

Anonymous said...

Chinese need to read this to understand the racism and political hostility they will face in the west. The hostility, hatred and discrimination are real. Luard article exposes how the cold-war indoctrination shaped the way westerners see ethnic Chinese with such racist exclusion and political suspicion.
BBC - China's spies come out from the cold – Tim Luard

Quote: “China has sent 600,000 students overseas in the past 25 years as part of a conscious policy of developing its science, technology and business skills.

While some belong to well-off families who simply want their children to get a good education, *most* are funded by the government and are expected to return to help their country afterwards.

"It is very easy for Chinese companies or intelligence agencies to approach these students - who are often quite nationalistic - and get them to collect information that might be of either commercial or military interest," said Christian le Miere, Asia Editor of Jane's Country Risk. ”

These allegations follow the case of a 22-year-old Chinese woman who was detained in France after being accused of "illegal database intrusion" by the car-parts maker Valeo, which had employed her as an intern. She has since been released.

Police in Sweden also suspect Chinese guest researchers of stealing unpublished and unpatented research from an institute there, according to the Swedish radio Ekot's website.

What a shame! The fear for a “evil giant China” has made the westerners behave like uncivilized animals.

Anonymous said...

The Real Tragedy of UK Racism, the Real Danger of Racial Profiling –
Man shot in London was Brazilian
A man shot dead by racial profiling London police hunting the bombers behind Thursday's London attacks was unconnected to the incidents, police have confirmed. He just looked dark skinned. The man, who died at Stockwell Tube on Friday, has been named by police as Brazilian Jean Charles de Menezes, 27.

"We are now satisfied that he was not connected with the incidents of Thursday 21st July 2005.

"For somebody to lose their life in such circumstances is a tragedy and one that the Metropolitan Police Service regrets."

Nevertheless, the unapologetic Ken Livingstone, Mayor of London, said: "The police acted to do what they believed *necessary* to protect the lives of the public.

Is this the freedom and equality the UK are imposing in Iraq? It must be – cause the innocent Iraqis are killed like wild pigs.

Wen said...

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Again, any reader's cooperation is needed for the well being of the blogging community.

Anonymous said...

Wen, I have no propaganda to preach. I have to admit that I was overwhelmed and enraged by the tragic incidence yesterday. Did you see the picture of the Brazilian victim? His grandma said she always held him close to her heart since he was born. He was shot dead by plain cloth police officers. (You cannot tell the plain clothed officers from the usual hooligans.)

I hope I could have my own blog. But I do not have the software. I have MySql installed but nothing else. Do you know how I can have the software? I do have the hosting space for it. Thanks ahead of time. My future blog with be titled – Simply Truth and Facts.

Johan said...

The last couple of post were moved here from other posts. I don't want that stuff on other parts of my blog. My blog feels dirty from them.

I didn't mean your posts Wen! They are soft and smell good! ;)

Johan said...

If you want to start a blog, you can use a free online service. I, as you can see, use Blogger. You don't need to host it nor use any software.

If you want to have Chinese readers, you have to be more picky since more and more blogging services are either monitored or blocked in China. This blog is blocked for example.

"Simple truth and facts"!? Priceless...!!

Anonymous said...

I visited Tina’s US trip blog. I am heavy hearted. In places like NY or LA, 50%+ Americans are not whites. However, in the “pool side party”, or any post of Tina, only whites are invited. Only whites are seen by Tina. She is clearly a racist by circumstances to say the best. Don’t get me wrong. Racist is a form of ignorance.

Johan said...

It is really sickening to see you make such insulting comments about people you don't know.

This blog is mostly for my friends and family. Please don't make your hateful and negative comments elsewhere.

Use a nickname so I can identify you, in case you suddenly stop writing your hateful stuff.

Anonymous said...

"She is clearly a racist by circumstances to say the best."

So I see that you've been Tina's bosom buddy for the past ten years?

Undoubtedly, racism is a form of ignorance. But in making that accusation, what would you say of yourself -- a brash outsider to her life who forces assumptions upon her and the owner of this blog without even knowing them?

By the way, do something about your English. It is painfully inadequate in getting your argument across. Case in point:-

"She is clearly a racist by circumstances to say the best. Don’t get me wrong. Racist is a form of ignorance."

In trying to understand your poorly-worded and structured argument, I would like to point out that racism works both ways. The minority races can, too, stick in their own groups and exclude the whites. Has it ever occurred to you that the teenage girls of the minority races in Tina's neighbourhood might not want to hang out at her pool party?

I got to know Tina last summer while staying with Johan and their family. I am not white. In fact, at last check, I am very brown indeed. In America, I might be what they call a Chink. In China, I might be what they called a sha bi (bloody hell hope not!) In Sweden, with Tina, Johan and their family, I was simply their friend.

Since this is J's blog, he alone has the right to write incongruent, grammatically-erroneous crap if he wants to (which I might add, he already does most times ;) ). If you like to follow suit, start your own blog.


Anonymous said...


You actually support my arguments. There is segregation in the US society. There is especially severe segregation among teenagers. However, racist parents okay such behavior. Popular TV shows, such as the OC, promote segregation (i.e. no Browns in OC, friends, desperate house wives, etc) It is an over-whelmingly racist Christian white culture.

As for your Chinese name Sha Bi. Oh My Ghod! That means you are a stupid pussy!

Johan said...

Saying that there is segregation in the USA is not controversial. There is. Not everywhere, but probably in a lot of places. I haven't seen anyone dispute that. You are kicking in open doors.

What you are doing is saying that my sister is a racist because she was at pool party, which I believe was with other Swedish Au-Pairs.

Being racist means that you believe race accounts for differences in human character or ability and/or that you discriminate people because of that.

Segregation may be caused by racism, or may not.

Samantha's Chinese name is not 'niu bi' if that is what you thought.

It is impossible to get you wrong, and I think nobody does. You have some social disorder which makes you think it is ok to insult people you don't know.

Uma said...

I just read those posts...

God.. is this person mad??

Johan, how can you allow such a lunatic pollute your blog???

Anonymous said...

Interesting, so you think it is lunatic to insult people you don't know. Well, well, well, Christian reach-outs are doing just that in China. They come here with total ignorance and hostility, and they insult and criticize us groundlessly. You are among these insane people when you come to criticize the Chinese religious system. We Chinese did not go to Sweden to require a Confucius political system. For the westerners, only the Christian western way is right? If it is not arrogant/racist racism, what it is? BTW, Uma, you are nothing new. I guess everyone dismiss “God” is lunatic for you!

Johan said...

Dear anonymous coward,

I'm not a Christian. Therefore I think you should be able to understand that I have hardly gone to China and preached anything, particularly not Christianity. As I have said, whatever Chinese wants to believe in is their thing.

Another thing that I wouldn't do either is to go to some other persons blog and start to insult him, his family, and friends. It makes you a pretty shitty person.

If you think other people have insulted some Chinese people somewhere, it is a rather crazy move to come and insult me in return. It kind of brings you down to the same low level as the people you want to criticise.

I think the Chinese that I have got to know would agree that is a pretty shitty way to make a point, so I would suggest that you don't proclaim to talk for anyone but yourself.

If you see anyone in China (Christian, Chinese, foreigner, or anyone) that you think insult people and show hostility, I suggest you bring it up with them, not me.

What the hell is "the Chinese religious system"??

Johan said...

Hi Uma!

Long time no see! Seems like you had an interesting trip.

You are right, I don't want to have that on other places on my blog.