Saturday, July 09, 2005

What am I up to this summer?

After returning home I have been working in a service home for old people. That’s what I did last summer, though this summer I will just work for four weeks. Next week will be the last week. If anyone wants to call me, this is the hours (Swedish time). Coming weeks work schedule (from 11th June):

Mon 15:00-21:30
Tue 7:00-14:00
Wed 15:00-21:00
Thu 16:00-21:00
Fri 14:00-21:30

Sat 7:00-17:00
Sun 12:00-21:00

After finishing working I will have to pull myself together and study hard for a month to finish a math exam in the middle of August. Got two exams before I get my M.Sc. I’m a little bit worried about the exam, since the weather here is really nice, my motivation to study that course is very low, and all my sisters will be around.

What happens after the exam is a little unclear. I think I will go for the second exam ten days later, then either receive Wen here at home, or go traveling with her. By then I should also make up my mind on where to write my thesis during the fall.

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