Friday, July 22, 2005

Fish for lunch

My dad's hobby, our lunch.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Am I strong enough to pull them up from water? Now I'm really looking forward to something very exciting and challenging! and yummy:P


Kathryn said...

Hi Wen,
From experience, you'll be strong enough because there will be two strong Gustafsson men there to help ;-)
ciao, K

Peter said...

Hi Johan...

Nivce site btw. ;-)

Is that cod he caught? Looks like a decent dinner one of these days.

Johan said...

Wen, these monsters could probably eat a small Chinese girl alive. You better let the Gustafsson man protect you.

Johan said...

Thanks Peter!

It's a pike-perch. Cod is only a salt-water fish, I think. Guess you don't have anything else in Denmark. No mountains either. Hua hua hua!

Just kiddin.

Good beer though. Hope to grab one with you if there is an opportunity.

Peter said...

Ahhh... Sure we have those here too. They are common in some of the lakes in the mid-jutland.

It was a bit hard to recognize, since I have never seen on of those devils non-cooked before. ;-)

Yeah the beer hee are pretty good (and cheap compared to Sweden I guess). If you are ever in the neighborhood I will surely split a pair of beers with you. :-)

Anonymous said...

Bloody fish. They only got bigger because they refused to get on my hook last summer.



Anonymous said...

Eat who alive? hehe, maybe not your tough little doggie:)
wang wang!