Sunday, July 10, 2005

Summer time reading - 哆啦A梦

Nice to have when taking a break or sitting in the garden sun-tanning. It is for kids, so it suits me just fine :)

Doreamon (机 器猫 or 哆啦A梦), a Japanese children's' cartoon first published in 1974. Japanese cartoons are quite popular in China and this copy is a translation into Chinese.

Doreamon is a robot cat that has come from the future to help a Japanese boy. This boy hates to do school-work and always finds excuses not to study. Something I can relate to. Unfortunately I don't have a robot-cat from the future to pull out some machines from his front-pocket to help me out.

The boy is called 大雄, he's not always that bright. Something I can relate to as well.

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