Sunday, July 10, 2005

Summer time, and the living is easy

Tonight we played volleyball and swam in the lake that is just 100 meters away from our house.
28 C in the air, probably around 23 C in the water. It has so far been a great summer. From the left is Jakob and Johanna, Cissi with two friends, my mum, Lasse (Cissi's boyfriend), and my dad.

Jakob, Johanna's boyfriend and my tennis partner, flying off.

The Åminne viking-ship.

The village has a club that organises activities and festivals. Among them they maintain a museum and a viking ship. There is just a couple of hundred people living here in Åminne, and people from far away as Germany come to check out the museum. I haven't been on the boat nor checked out the museum. I've checked out almost all museums in Beijing and all major ones in Europe, still haven't checked out what is just around the corner. Wen, wanna go for a boat ride when you get here?

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Wen said...

Very attractive, sweetie, sure I'm gonna have a wonderful wonderful time with you in your hometown, I'm sooooo looking forward to it!!!