Monday, October 10, 2005

Visiting Sam in Gent

Sam is a crazy guy that I met in Beijing. He did an internship at the Belgian embassy together with Wen. During the couple of weeks he was there he probably went to more bars and clubs there than I did during the last two years! This weekend he was back from another crazy trip, this time to Portugal, and invited us to his town, Gent.

Sam showing us around in Gent

Trying out the "Quack", a special glass that makes a sound when you drink from it.

Sam sleeping in during the day after have gone to bed 2pm the day after! In the background are his turntables. His greatest passion is DJ:ing. Techno. He listens to it all the time and everywhere!

Wen finding a friend at Sam's parents house.

Walking the dog

All-you-can-eat ribs as Sunday family dinner! Great finish for a great weekend! Then he took us to Brussels driving 170km/h! We had to take a train back because he had to pick up his parents at the airport.

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