Monday, October 03, 2005

Weekend in Amsterdam

During the weekends all students leave Leuven and head home to their parents (and get their clothes washed by their mothers). Left behind are the few who actually live in Leuven and the exchange students. Not wanting to be left behind we went to Amsterdam during the weekend for some fun.

Being the first time there we tried out anything any sensible backpacker using the Lonely Planet would do.

That includes walking along the canals during the day...

... and elbowing with the crowds in the red light district during the night under influence of various intoxication.

Beau having a late snack at a Febo's, the Dutch McDonald's with these little boxes where you take out the food. He's an architecture student at Berkeley and have received a fat scholarship ($25k) to travel around the world by himself and check out buildings. Not bad.

The morning after we had a look at the temporary "Masterpieces" collection in a section of the Rijksmuseum. Most of the building is under renovation.


Tina said...

Wow. It must be nice to be stationed in the middle of Europe, with everything so accessible. :) I really feel that I'm on the edge of the world...

Your girlfriend is cute. :D

Johan said...

Yep, Belgium sure is a good place to go travelling from.

In regards to being on the edge of the world, I feel the same about Sweden. It is really not a place where people just pass by.

Tina said...

Haha, it certainly is a place where Norwegians pass by! I've been there shopping a few times myself... you really feel "harry" when doing that. ^_^
Might stop by Sweden over new year.

We once travelled down to Lithuania, and went through almost entire Sweden.. drove around Bottenviken. Would not reccommend. B-oring, Finland is weird. You drive and drive and never see people.. South of Sweden I haven't seen much of. That's for later. Now I'm concentrating on Asia and Oceania.