Sunday, October 30, 2005

Värnamo: At home pondering

I've been home the last two weeks, writing emails and searching for a suitable project to write my thesis on. I still have TWO more exams, but they won't come up until spring so I will write my thesis.

Ericsson still has their offer, but to be honest, the project doesn't seem that interesting. I have some other options and I will make up my mind this coming week. If nothing better comes up I will head for Beijing again very soon. Unfortunately that is a place very far from Belgium.



Anonymous said...

Hoppas allt löser sig till det bästa. Tid och rum kan överkommas om man bara vill. Gillar din blogg.
MVH Anders AKA
A Swede in Beijing - Currently in San Francisco

Anonymous said...

Du vet ju redan att om du bara aker till Beijing och dricker ol med lilla mig sa kommer du snart att glomma dina sorger.
MVH Edward AKA
A Swede in Beijing - Currently in Buenos Aires