Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Göteborg: Thesis starting?

Unless someone will offer me a sack of money to do something else, I will go to Beijing in January and start the project at Ericsson. Today I talked to my supervisors (I've got two!) at my university and they think it seem to be a good project. They are two really friendly chaps and it was very encouraging to talk to them. One worry is that so far I haven't been able to get any benefits from Ericsson, with other words, I won't cost them any money. That can have the undesirable effect that my project will get a very low priority. So, now I will start to figure out what the thesis is actually about... ;-)

Per, who is originally from Denmark, has adopted a kid from the Xinjiang province in China and has been there several times. He actually just came back from Beijing since he was there as a part of a delegation when a couple of Swedish universities opened offices at Peking University and Fudan university (Link in Swedish).

Magnus, who has a very colorful homepage, is actually a director at the university. Might open some doors for me.

Perhaps my fellow classmates recognize these guys from the Electronic Measurement course.

Anyway, I passed the Complex Variables exam that I wrote a month ago! In the new course 48 out of 89 students passed. I think normally there are around 100-110 students left after a year from the 140 accepted. So, half of the students that grade (not including older students) will have to spend Christmas studying.

When I get my funding application ready I will probably book a flight in the middle of January. Next Wednesday (15th November) I will fly back to Belgium, then the 20th of December I will come back to Sweden to celebrate Christmas with the family and Wen. In January I will hopefully finish off my final exams (Fourier Analysis & Solid State Physics).


Wen said...

Baober congratulations!!! Let's work hard together and we both will pass all our exams and complete our theses!

Bon courage!

Johan said...

... and live happily ever after!

Edward said...


Sounds good, Johan, your life is coming together fine it seems (about damn time, too). Maybe you can give me a few hints when it will be time for me to do the same, hahaha.. :-P Let´s meet up in Sweden sometime after I´ll be back on the 10th, aight?


Johan said...

10th what? December? January? 2010?

I'll be back with Wen December 20th and then I will write an exam in January. Hopefully by then I have landed a really cool (new) project. If not.. then I'll become a lab-rat for the rest of my days.