Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Direct News from Harbin

WangChunLing is a classmate of Wen in her 'History of European Integration' class. That title would be more descriptive if it was 'the History of EU'. That is what the whole course is about.

Anyway, WangChunLing is from Harbin, the place there has been a lot of news from lately because of a large release of poisonous chemicals in the Heilong river that runs through the city.

She said she has been in touch with her family everyday since the first rumors started about an impending earthquake. Her family slept with their clothes and had organized their things so they could quickly run out of the house. That earthquake didn't happened and instead they got informed that the reason the water had been cut off wasn't, as had been told, sudden reparations, but (as most people probably guessed already) the huge explosion in a chemical factory upriver. When they cut off the water her family couldn't take showers, but they had enough of water to drink. It seemed that she wasn't too worried right now though and said that things were pretty calm at home.

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