Monday, November 14, 2005

My university

Some pictures from the campus of my Alma Mater, Chalmers University of Technology.

The main entrance and some new statue they have put up. I think the interpretation should be that the students at the university get knowledge which they can use as stilts to reach higher. Maybe it can also explain why so many people flunk out, or should I say, fall down. He he

Emil & Emilia, the student couple who symbolizes the students at the university. Behind is the new Student Union building.

This is the Fysicum building ...SHUDDER... , where they keep the students who study Physics Engineering. As you can see, people at my universty love brick buildings. One day they will probably cut off my head and put it on display with the rest of the guys there on the top. Nobel, Celsius, Sievert, Ångström, Jiabao...

Outside the office for the international students this painting is hung on the wall. It is probably a gift from the Chinese exchange students. On the side of the painting it says "All Chinese exchange-students in Gothenburgh, Chalmers University of Technology". Below are a whole bunch of names written. I don't know who the guy is in the picture, possible Mr. Chalmers, the founder of the university. He is no Chinese atleast.

Nice gesture. Then again, Sweden is giving them an education for free.
The cost of the International Master's Programmes is provided by a grant from the Swedish Government. Consequently, there are at present no direct tuition fees. However, students face the full cost of living during their studies in Sweden (housing, food, books, etc.), usually around USD 1,000 a month.
Interested to study in Sweden? Check out Should provide you with the details. Hurry while it still is free, that will most likely change soon. I think many of the Chinese students cook their own food and share apartments, probably bringing down the living expenses a lot.


Noe! =) said...

Very nice and interesting place. Could i ask you something, please? I ´ve just read about Karoliska Institute, Do you know wich requisites the person needs to make a master or a doctorate there?
THank you very much! And a lot of Bless , success for both of you!

Johan said...

I think the possibilities for master studies at KI are limited, unless you speak Swedish. There seem to be quite a lot of choices if you want to go for a PhD.

If you want to go for a master at another place then search here. The institutions might not be large or famous, but I assure you that they all have high-quality education.

For a PhD:
Graduate study programs are open to both Swedish and overseas students. You should have 120 higher education credit points, where 20 points corresponds to one semester of full-time study, to be eligible for admission to graduate study programs.[]
Their page for postgrad education

Noelia! =) said...

Hej! God Kväll!! GOd dag? Tack for the information, I don´t speak too much swedish, but I can learn it, It isn´t too hard.
Well, thank you very much for this answer
Ha det så bra!


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