Sunday, November 27, 2005

Wait a sec, I was there too!!

These last days I have started to read some blogs from the Chinese students that study at my university in Sweden. You can see a list in my complete blogroll here. I've also started to read some of the forums and BBS:s for Chinese exchangestudents.

The blog 想飞就飞 ("If you want to fly, just fly")is of a guy who calls himself Croch. According to his blog he's 22 years old and are coming from Hubei province.

He has published a series of pictures from the archipelago the 6th of September. When I saw them and saw the date, it rang a bell. I made a quick check in my pictures folder. In early September me and Wen went to the Gothenburg archipelago. When we came back from the boat I saw a group of Chinese students that were talking in mandarin. I told Wen that they were probably exchangestudents either at the Gothenburg University or at my university, Chalmers. That was on the 4th of September. Quite amazing what you can snoop out on the net nowadays.

David, with the blog Rainy Sky, also has pictures from the trip to the archipelago, dated to the 4th of September! Same day we were there. The group I saw was just 7-8 Chinese students, not a huge group of students from all over as in these pictures. According to the blog David is 23 and comes from Shanghai. Quote from this blog: "I like viking easy life style."


Anonymous said...

Hej Johan!
Jag kommer faktiskt också ihåg de kinesiska studenterna i skärgården. Skojigt att du läst en av deras bloggar.

På tal om något helt annat, hur går det med dina exjobbs planer? Har du bestämt dig för vad du ska göra?
Hälsa Wen så mycket!

Kram, Johanna

Johan said...

Nix, har inte bestämt mig än. Fast jag jobbar på det! :)