Monday, September 05, 2005

2 days in Göteborg

So, we left Värnamo and are finally on the road. First stop Göteborg and Henrik's wedding. We stayed at my sister Cecilia's place two nights and I showed Wen some of the places where I used to hang out.

On the boat out to the Gothenburg archipelago

Picknick on one of the islands.

Walking in Haga. It's a little bear blowing bubbles on to the street.

Zelmas, a cafe close to my university that I often visited when studying there.

"Killer-disease is spreading in restaurants and cafes in Göteborg". If I survived SARS in Singapore and China then I'm sure I'll be alright from anything in Göteborg.

If you ever go to Beijing and Tiananmen square, go to the 7-11 right to the south-east of Qianmen and check out the poster outside the entrence. There is a picture of the 7-11 shop that can be seen in the background of this picture there!

I failed the exam and I was mighty pissed off. I think I should have a good chance of passing it in October though. They have put up all previous exams and study material on the net (I didn't know that), so now I will be able to prepare a little bit better. Only 2 people passed the exam by the way. I shall have my revenge.

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