Saturday, September 10, 2005


One evening we hooked up with Marine, a friend that I met when I was studying in Singapore a couple of centuries ago. Her boyfriend was watching football so we provided a good excuse for her to go out. We had a great evening with some amazing crêpes, cider, and wine!

She is from the Bretagne region and knows how crêpes should be done. After a drink we went to taste some together with a jar of cider. Wish we had that kind of grub back home!

Later on we got a crash course about French wine culture at her place!
Thanks for a great evening Marine!

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Marine said...

Hey Johan!
Photos are good. I am now on the web! I hope this will make good advertisement for crepes, cider and wine! Indeed, us french always talk about food, and I realize that is the way you described our evening together: around gastronomy. You are well aware of cultural specificities :)