Thursday, September 22, 2005

Dumpling party

At KU Leuven there are several hundreds of Chinese students. I joined some of Wen's friends for a dinner celebrating the mid-Autumn festival.

Wen's a little special creations.

Me doing my best making skins for dumplings. I'm seriously getting a lot better at this stuff.

The whole party

ZhangJun had through some contacts managed to get a box of duck tongues. Yummy... haha


Peter said...

Looks yummy!

I wish I could create these thingys. I try hard, but never seem to get the job done properly for them to look this good. Johan, when, oh WHEN will you tell your girlfriend to make a guide with pictures her? ;-)

Anyone know where to find a good homepage about Chinese food? All I links I follow lead to wok-stuff, and... hey... I already got that down. :-)

Johan said...

Wen loves 'when' jokes. She can't get enough of them... NOT... but they don't bother me though, so just keep 'em coming.

She has her own blog by the way, though not picturing her cooking.