Thursday, September 01, 2005


Fishing Day 1

Jakob, me, and Wen went out with the smaller boat.

This is a cruel business if you are a little fish.

No luck that evening. But it was nice just being out on the lake.

Fishing Day 2

Dad in his baby "Ester".

Wen and the sun.

We were quite convinced that the fish in this lake were all dead.

Well, we did finally get the lunch for tomorrow.


Christian Kruse said...

Cool photo!

Really! said...

Here here, finally, MY BLOG!!!

Really! said...

scary, if you are not posting, what you are doing? I hope you are not exploiting the loneliness of Wen during her foreign travel.

BTW, what do you think about the Zhao Yan case. The Chinese are boiled over this.

Johan said...

To Really! the troll:

I think it is good that you have your own website. Now, stay there.

Tim said...

Hi there, i've just finished reading your entire archive and found it pretty interesting. I like the honesty, even the bit about your parents haha. Great range of photos and info, fascinating. Anyway thanks for sharing you life with the rest of the world, hahah :)

alright now back to my chinese study :)

ps Wen is a real cutie, hold on to that one!

Anonymous said...

i'm jessica copeland, i like to eat my own poop

Johan said...

I think what you write proves that you are capable of eating poop, even if your name is not Jessica nor a she.