Saturday, September 24, 2005

School Trip to Bruges

On Saturday we went on a "school trip" to Bruges as a part of Wen's orientation program. It was about 200 exchange students who went.

7.30 Departure by bus
10.00 Arrival

10.30-12.00 Guided tour through Bruges

Bruges is famous for having a centrer in medieval style.

The city is possible the main tourist attraction in Belgium and attracts hordes of tourists. I must say that constantly bumping into other guided groups of tourists takes away some of the experience.

A couple of drops of Jesus blood is supposibly kept in a chapel here. The priest would let you come up and touch the container and perhaps say a little prayer.

2.00-4.00 Visit to the Memling Museum - St John's hospital

5.30 Back to bus... and then sit and wait for the South-Europeans to arrive ;)
6.15 Departure

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Marc Schmick said...

Super work performed.