Sunday, March 19, 2006

Skiing in Isaberg

Allan, Tina, Ding, and yours truly. Allan "snowman" Liu, as you can see, like to ski hard.

Allan asked me where you could ski around Göteborg, so I made couple of suggestions. One place is close to where my parents live, so I suggested that we would take the train to Värnamo, and then use the car to go to Isaberg, a small ski-resort not far away. This Friday morning we headed off 6.35 from Göteborg, came to Värnamo, took the car to Isaberg, and hit the slopes at about 13.00. We didn't return home until after 22.00!

Tina in a difficult position.

For Tina it was the first time to ski. It was probably a quite tiring experience. It usually is the first time.

Ding got the hang of it very quick.

The slope, Allan, and me. Tina took this picture, and unfortunately me and Allan got in the way. She obviously thought the slope was the main attraction :)

A beautiful day with lots of sunshine, plenty of quick runs down the slope, and spectacular crashes!


Leftie said...


Like your site.

Did you know that you can use Apple's Quicktime Pro (only $30) to rotate your movies and even recrop them if you did not frame things up properly?

I too have forgotten and taken video with the camera sideways!

Too bad I dodn't have one of those new ones that flips the pic automatically :(


Johan said...

Nah... I recommend a low-tech solution instead. How about we putting the monitors on the side instead. From now on I will post all my pictures oriented in different directions. People that has time to sit and read my blog probably need some exercise. ;)