Sunday, March 12, 2006

So What About The Thesis?

So, I'm finally come to some sort of final decision concerning what my thesis will be about. There should perhaps be an emphasis on 'sort of'. That means that I have received an invitation letter and that I have made one application for a scholarship. So no matter what, I will go to do something at Tsinghua later on this spring.

I'm really looking forward going to Beijing again, but I'm a little bit worried of what will happen after. There are a very interesting trainee program at the company SWECO that I would like to apply for, if I get an interesting Ph.D position I might go for that (really!), but after all, I wouldn't mind start working again. My hope is that I will make a couple of connections with this thesis. I've already got a couple of connections in Beijing that could be really useful. Worst case is that I would have to find a 'normal' job. Horror, such horror.


Allan said...

As we talked today, I'm pretty sure that you'll get a good position after finishing your thesis work. I hope you could enjoy yourself in China this time:)

Peter said...

Good luck Johan :-)

Nice to know that finishing your exams may leave time to blog more often too.

Johan said...

Hi Allan:

I'm sure I will enjoy China, I (almost) always have. No matter what I do afterwards, I'm sure I'll get by. I'll try my best and then we'll see what will happen.

Cheers buddy!

Johan said...

Hi Peter!

Let's see what I can do about it.
No point in writing a lot if everyday is the same. That will hopefully change from now on.


Peter said...

Hi Johan,

Yeah, I get your point and feel the same about my own blog.

Pretty hard to come up with new stuff, that you feel other may find interesting. I guess few people really care if I ate a burger, or changed underwear :-)

Anonymous said...

hey man, what's wrong with a normal job? it's just a means to an end..pays the bills, puts caviar on the table.. but that's me and my boring mate pragmatism speaking :)

seeya in china!

dimsum dolly

Johan said...

I wouldn't mind a normal job. My point was actually that I think I have some good options :)
Atleast, I hope I do.

I would never spend my time doing things I don't like to be able to eat caviar. Horror, such horror.

Anonymous said...

Wish you good luck on the upcoming thesis in Tsinghua. It will look good on your resume when hunting jobs in China, plus you speak Chinese!


Johan said...

Let's hope so. Thx!