Sunday, March 12, 2006

Light at the end of the tunnel

So... after some 40 exams at the university it seems like I've finished off that chapter in my life. This last Friday was a real sad, when me and a couple of other sad asses were sitting in the reading room preparing for the last day in the exam period.

Soon I will have a paper that says I'm a M.Sc in Physics Engineering. Well, after have written my thesis that is. Just wonder what I will do with it. One thing is sure, it sure doesn't get one laid. If some pretty girl ever ask me what I do, I will say that I got a degree in physics. But only because I'm already in a relationship. Otherwise I would say I was a fireman.

On to new adventures.


Anonymous said...


You never told us what happened with the exams? Are you finally getting your darn degree or what? Did you find out what you are going to do for a thesis? Congratulations if you passed the exams anyway! Nice feeling, huh? :-)


Johan said...

I passed the Fourier course and I think I will pass the Solid State one too. I should be set.

I'll write a little update on the project, though everything is not really clear to me either.

Anonymous said...

A fireman?! Oooh wow!
All the best with the decision making. I, too, will have to start looking for a real job soon... and it has me worried.
Hugs, Kathryn.

Johan said...

Yeah. Imagine if someone did a "Oooh wow" when you say you are an engineer. Instead I often get the awqward "so you must be really smart", where "smart" actually means "boring" and "nice talking to you, bye". ;)

I'm sure you will do well in the future! I hope we get the chance to play video-games soon again! :)