Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Johanna & Jakob Engaged

My sister Johanna and Jakob are engaged! Wonderful news indeed!! I wish them all the best and I am really happy that they have found each other!

This marks a new era in the family of Gustafsson, being the first of my five sisters to reach this stage of life! Putting pressure on the rest of us, particularly the 3 older of us!



Wen said...

Hey! That's really sweet! Remember I've even guessed they would be the first to have babies? Seems my guessing is becoming true ;) Send my congratulations to the two of them!

Johan said...

Well, considering the situation for us three older siblings (me, Vicky, and Cissi), I don't think it was such a hard guess. As far as I know there is no talk about any babies yet, but then again, it wouldn't shock me either.

Anonymous said...

Johanna, if you are reading this, CONGRATULATIONS!

If not, please relay my congratulations to the couple, J. Thanks!


Peter said...

Grats! :-)

Allan said...