Friday, September 15, 2006

Majiang and Dinner

Majiang in the sun.

Spending Sunday relaxing hanging out with some of my Chinese friends here playing majiang and having dinner together.

I couldn't help asking if they really played majiang back in China, and of course... they didn't. At least where I have been it has mostly been older people doing that. :-) Why not. Come to Sweden to play majiang. I have to admit I have practiced a little playing on my computer, so I actually won this afternoon.
Wuhan doupi, 豆皮. Hard to find in Beijing. Zhang Chi's been craving for some Wuhanese food and spent most of the afternoon cooking together with the girls. Great stuff.

Me with mouth full of food.


Uma said...

Well, tell me if you need any help with finding an apartment, since i do have some friends who owns apartment and they are probably willing to rent them out..

Actually this reminded me of some part of your blog in 2005 which I read recently and remembered that you said my love is very selfish and you ve been helping me with everything at the time especially when i came to Stockholm the first time,( finding an apartment and so on) and still, i was not thankful at all but complained instead. Here I thank you and aplogize for all those and now i would like to offer some help which is equal to what you kindly offered.

Anonymous said...

Hi John! I have visited your blog couple times...very interesting blog I must say..:) and after reading some of your stories, I now realize why you were so quiet with your own thoughts the last time we worked together ..anyway..thanks for sharing and im glad things are working out with you and Wen. I once said you are more chinese than Im..:) Good luck with everything and hope u get the job u applyed in Stockholm! Best wishes /sara (mai)

Johan said...

Hi Uma!
No need to apologize. You helped me a lot in Beijing, among other things, to find a place to live.

Johan said...

Hi Mai!
Doesn't look like I will get that job I was talking about. But I have a few applications out there and I hope for some results soon. :)

All the best for your studies and trip to Shanghai! Keep in touch!

Anonymous said...

maybe they don't play majiang in northern china, but at least in hong kong and taiwan, people certainly play majiang (mahjong) all the time

Johan said...

Could be. I basically had to force some friends to come and play when I was in Beijing. All the people I knew there played cards all the time.

Damn it... I knew I should have gone to the south instead... ;)