Thursday, June 30, 2005

Church visit

My parents and most of my relatives are members of the Pentecostal Church. After returning from China I went with them to church to listen to one of their missionaries that is working in Qinghai. Turns out she didn't say much about China, but did a lot more preaching. Reminded me of how I don't like to go to mass. For a person that hasn't grown up in such an environment it must be a very weird thing. People are friendly and I'm sure it is a nice way to get to know a lot of people. Just not a place for me.

Sunday mass. There is usually lots more people, but since there was a church festival going on a lot of young people were missing.

Talk about the missionary work in Qinghai. She has been there for many many years and she invited me to come and see their work. Would be very interesting. She works in small villages, teaching women about health-matters. And of course doing missionary work.

This old gentleman is regularly attending mass on Sundays even though he doesn't understand Swedish. Many of the church goers have been curious about him and sad that they can't talk to him. When I started chatting with him, other people came to ask questions and wanted me to translate. Turns out he was from Guangdong and speaks mandarin. He has come to this town since his grand-son has been living in Sweden for a long time. I think his son, almost 17 years ago, fled to Vietnam, then to the Philippines, then to Sweden.

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