Monday, June 27, 2005

Midsummer in Dalsland

In the afternoon I went to Dalsland to visit Edward and his brother.

Edward and the booze.

Karlsson, me, and Eddie after some alcohol consumption. Mandatory party pic.

Swimming in a lake nearby the day after.

This is a tattoo if one of the girls that attended the party. According to her it means "Carpe Diem". I told her that it probably was a very rare character and that I hadn't seen it before.

Don't get a tattoo if you don't know what it means. This site is dedicated to the misuse of Chinese and Japanese characters, usually pretty entertaining.
亳 [Bó] first capital of the Shang dynasty
I doubt that it has any other meaning than that and I can't find any words containing that character. According to Wen, 'Carpe Diem' is translated with '及时行乐'

及时 [jíshí] in time; promptly
行乐 [xínglè] seek amusement; make merry

Edward's home in Bäckefors, Dalsland, Sweden. A very exciting place where the Swedish movie "Kopps" was recorded. It's not too far from Åmål, a place mostly known because of the movie "Fucking Åmål". Kind of a happening place. Not.


tian said...

That character 亳 is no where meaning "carpe diem".

The only two definitions are:

1. name of district in Anhui
2. capital of Yin

Anonymous said...

:-) I have a friend who was given a cup with a chinese symbol, and told him it was his name - i.e translitterated. I had a look at the symbol, and last time I checked his name was not "tea". I'm glad it wasn't a tattoo.