Wednesday, April 12, 2006

CHTV - China Public Television

CHTV - China Public Television

No, not CCTV, CHTV! The Swedish version!
This ought to be one of the more bizarre TV programs I have ever seen. It is a parody of a CCTV (China Central TV) style newsprogram praising the Swedish Social-Democratic party. The thing is, they actually do speak in correct putonghua about current Swedish events, and interview folks in China about them. Must be a pretty small clique that can appreciate that! Check it out if you know Chinese, or are slightly interested in Sweden. Just do it anyway. Crazy to see old people in some park in Beijing praise the fitness of Per Nuder.

Check out the shows!

CHTV Home Page

The games are put under the not so culturally sensitive name "Den lilla Kinesen", The little Chinese.


Uma said...

oh, it has been there for a long time I think:P you can even play the 'long march'game on that site, though i always die in the middle of the game:D

Johan said...

Yeah, I know it has been there since last year. It's season two. Don't you think it just such an odd thing? :)

Allan said...

haha, funny!!