Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Cultural export: Snus!

Cooking dinner together at the house. ZhangJun has been cooking in restaurants for a long time and immediately took charge. Not content with our utensils and available ingredients, he still managed to fry together a great meal!

As a Swedish nationalist and cultural imperialist I imposed one of the exotic products of Sweden on to the to be cultivated crowd, the SNUS.

ZhangJun with a 'prilla'.

Potential advertisement material

With a market potential of 1.3 billion snus consumers, someone ought to pay me a big bag of money. In the future a Chinese model worker will definitely have to use snus.
(Note. Yours sincerely is not a real man and can't take it. I really ought to be criticized and re-educated)


Allan said...

Do you think it's a good idea to give snus to my friends as gifts when I'm back to China? The exotic products in Sweden is not so many and obviously the price of snus is quite acceptable for me:)

I will brag it's the Swedish equivalent of spring roll (or panda?) in China. The difference is that it's damn expensive, I sell one of my kidney in order to buy them:)

Johan said...

You will probably be arrested in the airport for drug possession.

Anyway.. what a tragic thought.. snus to be the Swedish equivalent of the Chinese panda. Do we really don't have anything better!!

You can keep the kindey in your body for now. I just bought it to have a spare one.