Sunday, April 23, 2006

Cycled home

Tempting, but I think I will still take a plane.
Andy Clapperton (lt) and Jon Smith
The pair left China last July
Two cyclists have arrived in London after riding 10,000 miles (16090km) from China for charity.

Andy Clapperton of Bunbury, Cheshire, and Jon Smith of Great Shelford, Cambs, have raised over £6,500 for Diabetes UK since starting out in July last year.


I studied together with Andy in Beijing and he sure is a cool guy. You can read about their amazing trip on their site Cycle Home.


Allan said...

Crazy job! An action like that is always my dream:)

Johan said...

Yeah... maybe we should go the opposite direction together. And not during the winter. Maybe motorbikes?

allan said...

sounds nice, however, I have to learn how to ride motorbike first, maybe next summer, seriously:)