Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Happy New Year!

Happy New year of the Rooster!!

Tian Mengyuan and Yang Fan making dumpings
Tian Mengyuan and Yang Fan making dumpings.

New Years Party

I have put up some pictures from last year's New Year Party!

The year of the monkey
CNY 2004 & Stefan 30!

Here is also some pictures from when Saga, Stefan, and Toba were here:
Saga in Beijing

Or just click on the Januari 2004 link for it all.


tina said...

Happy New Year!!!! ring klocka ring......

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year from UmeƄ.
What happened with your Skype, I've upgraded my computer and now I can't reach you???

Johan said...

Happy New Year!

I will keep Skype running in the background more often. It would be good to have a chat every now and then.

You could check on MSN if I'm online first, since everybody I have on Skype (except you!) are on MSN too!. There they tell me if they want to talk.