Thursday, February 03, 2005

Sleep walker

I finally got back to work today. It wasn't really a pleasent day though. I felt so good last night finally being well again and I had so much thoughts on my mind that I couldn't go to sleep when I tried. I ended staying up all night.

Since the boss has come back from his wedding trip I expected to meet him today and perhaps hold a little presentation of my progress. Luckily he nor the director turned up. It wouldn't have been very good since I was so tired that I often felt dizzy.

Maybe the only chance to go to see Li Dapeng over Chinese New Year will be to go tomorrow. Dapeng is my old room mate from my university year at NTU in Singapore. I will find out tomorrow morning. If that is the case I won't be able to send over the report which I am supposed to. Not sure how I can fix that. Perhaps the only solution I can come up with is to bring some work to ChangChun. I know that is not going to work out though.

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