Wednesday, February 02, 2005

One but not alone

Johan Unshaved
Unshaved. Having a bad hair day. Coughing like a dog.

These last couple of days I have basically been in my room trying to recover. I'm grateful for the friends that has given me some thoughts and send me some encouraging messages. Also grateful for the shameless flirting attempts ;)

It has also been a relaxing time and given me some room to contemplate my situation here. Basically I still come to the conclusion that it wouldn't have been better for my anywhere else. I also think that I would have been doing pretty good at any other place too. I do have the basic things in life and anything else now would be a bonus.

Having a little distance to your life can be pretty good. Living without having to measure up to some stupid scale makes life a lot more pleasant. It makes it easier to figure out what is really is enjoyable. Looking down on other people from some achieved position won't be much of a reward for me. It also makes it easier to see through people that are building their identity like that. I think that the goals I am trying to achieve are more valuable than those that others have put up for me. I will try to make the best out of my life, but I won't sell myself nor trample on other people. Whenever I get a chance, I will strive to do my best out of it.

Now if I only could stop this fucking spamming of my blog I could die really happy.

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