Sunday, February 20, 2005

Skiing at LianHuaShan

This Saturday I and ZhangWen went with TianMengYuan to the LianHuaShan ski-resort.

The skiing is as expected not that great. There are just no real mountains around and for the Chinese this skiing thing is something pretty new and exotic. They are really all over the place. A lot of people just go up to the top of a slope and then start to go downhill. They can't stear, they can't stop, and they are out of control. So... better watch your back... and watch out for all skiing equipment and people laying all over the hill.

TianMengYuan is helping to organize these trips, so we only paid 130 RMB/person for transport, entrence, and ski-equipment. Very cheap indeed. Me and ZhangWen managed to break a skiing pole so we had to pay another 100.

Lian Hua Shan ski-resort
莲花山 [liánhuāshān] Lotus flower mountain

father and son skiing
Father and son on skiing trip. Since the kid was too small for the lifts they keep walking up the hill to ski down.

Zhang Wen on the ground
ZhangWen did very good for hitting the slopes for the first time. I was was mean and brought her up a quite steep slope for the last run. Up there she suddenly forgot all technique and went out of control! Sorry for that... Haha...

dog with sleigh
One of the very unhappy looking St. Bernard dogs having to pull people around all day. No wagging tail to be seen.

Johan waiting for ski-lift
Me looking grim in the cold. And yes, that is a little snod in my nose.

Since I am by Scott's order reliving last year, I have also posted some skiing pictures from last year. Scott, please notice that I am even wearing almost the same clothes. I guess next I will have to go to Mongolia during the May holiday like last year... Scott, are you coming over?

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