Saturday, February 12, 2005

Spring Festival SMS

Tian MengYuan sent me this sms. She thought it was very funny.


My translation:
Wish all your undertakings, just like Marxism, unceasingly develop.
Let your charm, just like Mao ZeDong's thoughts, shine in all directions.
Let your love, be like Deng Xiaoping's deduction theory of the Spring festival story.
Let your wealth be the same as the Three Representative Theory and all move forward.

Happy Spring Festival!
I wouldn't mind to hear other people's translations and interpretations of it. I know some parts of my translation doesn't really make any sense.

I'm not really sure what kind of feelings people has towards these old theories other than most hate to study them in school. I think it would be interesting to know.


João Martinho said...

you look like a younger moz.

Johan said...

Ok. Eh... Moz? I guess I don't want to know.
Any comments about the post would be welcome!

Metria said...

Gong Xi Fa Cai, as they say here in Malaysia :) How long are the Chinese New Year holidays in China? Over here we have 2 days off.

Alexis said...

Good Luck in your travels! Just wanted to say that - it looks like your learning a lot and having fun.

Johan said...

We have about a week off, but most Chinese companies actually let people off way before that. Since I work in an American business we have less days off. Our clients are still working and need attention. I guess some of the guys took time off at Christmas and the western New Year instead.

Enjoy your holiday. I wish I was down in nice warm Malaysia right now instead of gray cold Beijing. Are you from KL?

Johan said...


Even if I have stayed here more than 1,5 years now I guess I do still feel like a traveller. It is hard to get a feeling of being home here.

Maybe it is because it takes a long time to get to know people, and most people you don't know treat you like you are a completely different specic.

Guess that is part of the learning experience. But, yeah, I'm having fun. Most of the time. (Right now I feel pretty shitty)

Metria said...

Hi Johan (which means champion in Malay, by the way - but the J is not silent), yes I am from KL. Been here before? It's really hot and sunny here today, and when you step outside you feel your energy just draining and start perspiring in seconds. I'd like some cold weather for a change! Why do you feel shitty?

Johan said...

I studied a year in Singapore. We used to go up to KL. Mostly to go and eat good food. Those Stingrays... Yummy!

I'm up for a switch a couple of weeks if you want! If you love gray and cold you will really like this place.

I'm feeling down because I'm uninspired and I don't have a date today. But I will be back in my good self in a little while, don't worry.

Metria said...

Awww well I don't have a date either. My fiance's in Australia, we're getting married this weekend. He said he sent me something for Valentine's Day but it hasn't reached me and it's already late evening so I doubt it's coming :( I don't want to switch places with you, I don't really like cold weather, I hate the feeling of getting out of a hot shower and immediately freezing :P Yummmm... grilled stingray is what I shall have for dinner tonight :)

Johan said...

Thanks for the encouragment... To me it sounded like:
"Haha!! I'm getting married this weekend, I don't have to get out in the cold tomorrow morning, and I'm going to eat stingray tonight!!.. and I don't want to switch with you. Sucker!!"

Wow. Getting married huh? So what is he doing in Australia then. Wouldn't there be tons of preparations you would want to do together?

Metria said...

Hello champion! Sorry, you're right, after re-reading my post, it did sound like that didn't it? haha!! But anyway I didn't get to eat stingray last night, it started raining very heavily so I stayed home and ate leftovers instead. I hope that makes you feel better ;)
As for my fiance, he's an Australian citizen, he's flying down soon. Then I'll be moving there after the wedding. Preparations are more or less done, all I have to do is mentally prepare myself for it!

Johan said...

So when are you actually going to eat that stingray? One day it is raining, the next your in-laws eat it all... maybe it is better in Beijing after all. No false expectations. I don't even hope to get any stingray since I know I'm not going to get it.

Metria said...

I'm not sure but it better be soon.... no stingrays in Melbourne, I think. I hope you're feeling better today :)