Friday, November 26, 2004

On the dole

The girl at the Timesbright Electronical company called me today and said that her boss had judged me to lack experience in "international trade". Can't help but feeling a little bit annoyed by being rejected by such a bunch of clowns. It would be interesting to see who they are hiring. I think it could be a completely random person who will get the job. I mean, the interview was a) edit this manual (then she noted how much red there was) b) "Do you have experiance in international trade?" Guess I should have said a straight "yes" when they asked me. That might have given me the job. The process was a joke. I'm sure the experiance would have been valuable, but 'll be looking for something else. Meanwhile my Chinese studies goes on and on and on...

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verryaryawan said...

Dear my friend,
I believe that if you were said "fine with your 4000 RMB offer", you already in the new office by monday.
And by next year, you got one year experience in International Trading, with a Chinese company.
Surely, by 2006 you can get your 10,000 price tag on your colar.
Your chinese will improve dramatically, and further have a real job.
Why they should pay you 10,000 RMB if they can employ 3 locals each 3,333 RMB?
They will get more manpower and more brain to do the job.
In a changing global market, where almost all companies in this world heading to China, you will have a greater future within 3-5 years, more than you could imagine.
Keep on trying, lower down your expectation at the moment.
Stay humble, stay teachable, be patient.