Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Synchronized Foreigners

Last year I participated in the yearly Peking University making-foreigners-do-a-silly-performance-to-enjoy-us event. That time they made us wear beige jump-suits and do a synchronized "dance" with forced smiles on our faces. The "dance" was in fact not more than clapping hands and turn around on certain keys. The problem was too keep the concentration up and not fall asleep. In return for the spectacle and humiliation they give us plenty of food, drinks, and some cash. Sometimes it is pretty funny though, but in an insane way.

Even if I don't study at the university I could still join, since they were short of guys. This year it is a little bit tougher. We have to do a pretty complicated set of Chinese Gongfu moves. They have increased the demands and you actually have to stay a little bit focused to follow. Yesterday Da Wang Laoshi ("big teacher Wang") even threatened that we could be replaced if we were not "up to the standard"! Since they had a shortage of guys they have added a bunch of Chinese guys that are to be taken for Koreans or Japanese. They of course take the whole think absolutely serious and are dead boring. The guy next to me keeps pointing out mistakes I'm doing in an absolutely rude and irritating way. Not that I let that bother me. If I would, I would already have gone crazy in this country.


Anonymous said...


Please be patient and send us a videotape when the whole thing is over. I can't wait to my dear brother doing an "ever more difficult than last years'" dance performance in China.

Sister Johanna

Johan said...

You are just jealous of my multiple talents.