Monday, November 29, 2004

The Swedish Penis Enlarger

Every night my Chinese room mate gives a whole bunch of girls a bunch of phone calls and sends lots of messages. Almost every weekend he invites one of a couple of girls to come over and cook and eat with him. Every time they are different girls. I don't know how he gets in touch with them nor how well he knows them. That is my room mates life as far as I know. Go to work, eat, sleep, and call girls.

When bringing this up with Chinese friends they don't consider this to be strange or weird about this practice of calling and inviting a lot of girls. They in fact say it was pretty common for guys to do like that.

This has made me understand a little bit better how I come into the equation. He really wanted to live with a foreigner. Now when living with me he doesn't seem to be interested in becoming my friend. We never do things together and he doesn't seem to be interested in doing anything either. He never starts to talk to me and doesn't seem interested in talking to me at all. It is basically the same with the other guys in the apartment by the way. So what was he after when I especially put in an ad to live with a foreigner? He did this after my friend Wang Jun called him and asked weather he would be interested in living with me. This showed that he was really eager.

Sure, he would want to speak English with me. I speak Chinese to him. But I really don't think that would matter. I was confused. Then when discussing this calling and inviting girl think with my friends, I realized that he is very frequently talking about me in his phone calls. He talks a hell of a lot about me. In fact I think he discuss every aspect of me that he knows about, and it wouldn't surprise me if he makes up some more when I'm not there. Why this sudden interest? Why doesn't show interest in talking and hanging out with me, when he talks so much about me?

These Saturday mornings I'm woken up at 8.30, he has some girl with him, and they start to cook. He never tells me the evening before. When cooking though and I'm hustling to get up and get dressed, they invite me. I accepted the first time, the time he invited the deaf-and-dumb girls. This Saturday he again hadn't told me, so I asked a few times more if I shouldn't go to the university and read instead. He insisted once, and then he said ok. That is as blunt as people get here. It means "Yes, I want you to go out and leave me alone with this girl".

Living with me gives him some sort of status. He uses this. He tells these girls that he lives with a foreigner, that perhaps makes him seem more interesting and they come over to hang out with him. When they do, he of course have no need for me to hang around. Maybe it is even so that he really don't want to have me there at those times, since I would take away a lot of attention from him.

What can I say. Life of a Chinese male. From what I've heard, a pretty normal one.


Anonymous said...

I bet he is not a Beijinger.

I love Beijing said...

It looks like he has a very boring life.

Johan said...

He's from Sichuan and he is REALLY boring.

8709 said...

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Johan said...


Indeed a very well targeted spam-post!

kickass said...

hello johan, this is yu. btw, i from harin city China. and i flet that overall u only know too little about chinese culture and if u keep ur redicoulas philosophy and bi-tch thinking. then u will never find out the real chinese culture! heheh anyway good luck on ur new dick!

Johan said...

Should I assume that your rude remarks is part of that Chinese Culture? In that case I have already received my fair share, thank you very much.