Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Sandra is an Idiot!

Sandra yesterday pointed out that she thinks I'm way to sarcastic when writing post in my blog. She wondered what was the point with it. She thinks I'm bragging about my "exciting life" in China and seeks out weird and curious things to hang them out on my blog. "Can you write anything positive about China?". "Just because that company didn't give you the job, you call them clowns." Hmm. Well. Not really the impression I was trying to make when starting to write this thing.

First of all, dear Sandra, by publish things in my blog, I seriously doubt that all the world read it. Anyone can read it if they want, but I really don't think that anyone except some very bored friends might ever read it. I'm happy if anyone at all read it. If not, I might consider quitting doin it. Or maybe not, I'm starting to like it.

This all is from my point of view and I and me, we are the masters and center of it all. I do choose to write about things that I think might be at least slightly interesting. It is not journalism and I'm not claiming to unbiased or objective at all. If anyone get offended or think I'm dead wrong, they are welcome to post that I'm an asshole or correct me.

My hope is that by reading this maybe my friends and family will get to know me a little bit better. In the process I hope not to bore you too much. And, Sandra, I really don't think you are an idiot. But I reserve the right write it if I want. Don't take what I write too serious. :)

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Anonymous said...

Dear Garbolino. I think you are dead wrong and an asshole. ;) By the way, I am going back to Sweden by the end of January and then after another month somewhere else. My life is a chaos and I have no idea what will happen now. Feels great! Let's try to meet up for that beer we have been talking about now for the last three years at some point! :)

Take care, old friend!