Monday, November 15, 2004

A weekend

I find studying Chinese very stimulating and I have plenty of opportunity to use it. Saturday I went to DongZhuang as mentioned in previous posts, then went to the super crowded Xidan to celebrate WangJun's birthday. She and 99% of all the Chinese girls most of all love to roam around in shopping centers and eat ice-cream at HaagenDaz. It was her birthday, so that is what we did.

Sunday I went to cooking class. Cooked SuChaoQiezi, aubergine cooked in oil. After class I went with Carly, an American girl studying at the Chinese department at Beida (not the Chinese language center where I studied) and ate our dishes at one of the canteens at Beida. In the afternoon I accompanied her and her Korean friend to check out the White Cloud Temple (BaiYunDian), a Taoist temple that I hadn't been to. After dinner and returning back, we joined the English club to make dumplings. A spectacle organized by WangJun and the mafia.

I like my life here.

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I love Beijing said...

Did you find all the monkeys at Baiyunguan? Or at least the one in front of the gate of the temple?